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Ask not what Broadway can do for your revival, but what your revival can do...

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...tear... It will always be my first. The taker of my Broadway virginity. And for that, it will never leave my heart (or my hard drive).
I'd never thought about it, but they do make a good point. I wonder how many shows can say that they've opened up two Broadway theaters.

I've seen the show three times. Once on tour with Teri Hatcher and Jon Peterson (right?), who was understudying for Norbert Leo Butz (wish I'd seen him!). Teri Hatcher remains the best Sally I've ever seen, believe it or not. Another on tour with Joely Fisher (who sucked) and Jon Peterson, who had by then taken over. Last was just recently on Broadway, with Molly Ringwald (who kind of sucked) and Neil Patrick Harris, who was the best Emcee I've ever seen.