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Oh, censorship, you're a funny thing.

Yo, home skillets.

Long time, something.

Here's something fun to chew on:

A school district in Virginia has banned 1776 from their junior high social studies curriculum, deeming it inappropriate.

Funny, I would think the problem would be that eighth graders as a rule aren't going to appreciate a somewhat dated film of a period musical, however brilliant it may be.

I'm speaking from experience. We watched 1776 in my eighth grade history class, and the first half of the movie was mocked by the class. However, the last half? They were riveted. However, this was 1997-98 we're talking about, and half of our problem was that Mr. Feeney from Boy Meets World was playing John Adams. If I referenced Mr. Feeney, would the eighth graders of today know of whom I speak?

Ponder. Discuss.
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