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...Aaaaand... on the flip side...

Now that we've discussed guilty pleasures, what about the other end of it? Guilty unpleasures, perhaps?

There are shows I feel obligated to like, for varying reasons. And I just can't. I try, but I can't.

While I love more than my fair share of Sondheim shows, I couldn't make myself like Follies or Into the Woods. I never shut up about how much I adore the work of JRB, but Parade? It makes me cry, but unintentionally. I might be one of Ragtime's biggest fans, oh, ever, but A&F--in my mind--have been on a rapidly descending trip into craptacularness since, with A Man of No Importance somehow annoying me EVEN MORE than Seussical the Musical.

So am I alone? Are there shows you feel you really, really should like but just... don't? Discuss amongst yourselves.
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