midwestern astronaut (swedishfrogs) wrote in green_room,
midwestern astronaut


Adaptations often take a hit when someone wants to get down to the reason musical theatre is dying. While I'll agree that I'm getting really sick of all the movie-to-stage adaptations as of late, there are so many shows I love adapted from various sources that this practice can't be discounted.

So what would you guys like to see adapted for the stage in musical form? Book, movie, television show, urban legend, play, etc.?

(I'm tired right now and have no brilliant idea, so I'll try to add to this thread tomorrow. As if you're all dying to know what I'm longing for. heh.)
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Say Anything..., written by me.
I'd second that. (Having read part of said adaptation, it is definitely worth it.) I'll also put in a vote for The Wings of the Dove, written by us.

We're sick narcissistic bastards, that's what we are.
Damn right we are! :)
That's a really great idea!
And one that's already been started, as onthestairs can attest.
I've always liked the idea, honestly, of October Sky, the musical. I think I'd take more from the book than the movie, and it wasn't a big hit, but there's something about the story that's very close to my heart, and something musical about it. I've always thought it could work.
I have been thinking about this all weekend!

Someday I want to collaborate with someone on an adaptation of The Talented Mr. Ripley. It would be an adaptation of the book, not the film, although watching the film was what triggered the idea in me last summer.

*slaps self for being so easily distracted by good ideas*


HAH. Listen, I gotta stay on task, too, but how about in five years you and I get together and just rip that motherfucker to shreds? I have a mental outline.
Bring it ON, yo.
The Old Man and the Sea!

I mean, uh, wait! That's already been done! I mean...uh...never mind.

Seriously? I am all about Nurse Betty. The second I'm in the artistic and financial position to adapt that puppy, I am ON IT.