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All right, discuss.

As you guys know, I saw the Full Monty national tour when it came to Louisville in mid-June. (And I enjoyed it, though that's neither here nor there.)

The audience response was pretty predictable up until the (IMO underdeveloped but whatever) gay subplot came into play in the second act, when the people around me (in the second row, nonetheless) were muttering in disgust.

(Among specific things heard around me, the woman next to me said, "I can't believe this. This makes me sick.")

Knowing the audience demographics as well as I unfortunately do, this normally would not have come as a surprise to me. However, in light of the show itself, it seemed really interesting (and, dare I say hypocritical) of an audience paying to see a show about male strippers (and one with definite content disclaimers re: nudity and such posted in the lobby, no less) to take offense at what was essentially one of the milder and more insignificant aspects of the show.

Any thoughts?

Also, have any of you ever seen anything else where the audience reaction baffled your socks off?
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It wasn't so much of a theatrical performance, but something similar.

We do this show during orientation that the RAs due, RAVue. I saw it both years, last year as a freshman and this year as an orientation leader. The audience this year was horribly behaved. There's one very moving scene, "Duck, Duck, Goose", in which a bunch of them play said game, but instead of being, "Goose", they're "Faggot" or "Chink" or "Dyke". There's sometimes some nervous laughter at first, but this year, they laughed all throughout. It goes into "Step Across The Line", where basically they say things like, "If you are the survivor of rape, step across the line," and then the RAs to whom that is applicable do so. One was, "If you have been part of a homosexual relationship, step across the line," and when several of the RAs did, a few people yelled out, "Freaks!"

Later on, there'a a scene about sexual assault, which is usually pretty lame, but this year was very convincing and showed- non-explicitly- homosexual rape. Woman and woman got some tittering, man and man got uncomfortable laughs. When the man and man ended and it became a man and a woman, someone said, "That's more like it," as of heterosexual rape is better than homosexual rape.

I don't get it. I mean, apart from the politics, I do not get how people can be so oblivious and disrespectful to call out like that during a show. It's just beyond me.
The second time I saw the Liam Neeson Crucible, there was a lot of inappropriate laughter. The political climate at the time was a bit of a witchhunt (round up the might-be? terrorists, take 'em to Guantanamo Bay) and I remember wanting to punch the audience for acting as though the events in the Crucible were so far removed from their own worlds.

Later that summer I made a collage for a Not In Our Name project, and it included a John Proctor line.
Several senior citizens stomped out of The Chorus Line at the Muny a few years ago when (oh, GOD, I don't remember any of the show except for how fucking cool Michele Pawk was) the gay guy made his big gay speech (or was it song?). My friend found this pretty hypocritical as well, when no one had any problems with an entire song devoted to tits and ass. (Okay, I remember two things. Er... you get my drift.)

The Muny is really a children and seniors and housewives demo, though. It's not a typical theatre audience by any stretch of the imagination. This is one of the millions of reasons I haven't gone in years.
If it's neither here nor there, where exactly is it? Just a thought. :|