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All right, discuss.

As you guys know, I saw the Full Monty national tour when it came to Louisville in mid-June. (And I enjoyed it, though that's neither here nor there.)

The audience response was pretty predictable up until the (IMO underdeveloped but whatever) gay subplot came into play in the second act, when the people around me (in the second row, nonetheless) were muttering in disgust.

(Among specific things heard around me, the woman next to me said, "I can't believe this. This makes me sick.")

Knowing the audience demographics as well as I unfortunately do, this normally would not have come as a surprise to me. However, in light of the show itself, it seemed really interesting (and, dare I say hypocritical) of an audience paying to see a show about male strippers (and one with definite content disclaimers re: nudity and such posted in the lobby, no less) to take offense at what was essentially one of the milder and more insignificant aspects of the show.

Any thoughts?

Also, have any of you ever seen anything else where the audience reaction baffled your socks off?
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